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your guide to driving loyalty in attractions, post pandemic

  • 79% of consumers are reluctant to visit attractions in 2021
  • 33% believe attractions aren’t doing enough to limit visitor numbers


COVID-19 is perhaps the greatest crisis the casino and attractions industry has ever faced, with the knock-on impact on consumer confidence set to continue to disrupt visitor numbers in 2021.

To find out how you can restore that confidence, we surveyed over 4,000 US and UK consumers to understand their concerns about returning, and worked with industry experts to find out what you can do to alleviate them.

Read our report to find out:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted consumer and business confidence
  • The 5 trends that will help you regain consumer confidence and loyalty post pandemic
  • The solutions your business needs to implement to restore confidence and get visitors back through the gates and spending

5 ways you can drive footfall and loyalty in 2021


Make safety your number one priority

86% of consumers now research an attraction’s Covid-19 safety measures prior to booking

Give visitors a contactless experience

24% will only visit attractions offering contactless customer experiences

Focus on driving loyalty and retaining customers

86% of consumers say personalized offers would make them more likely to visit an attraction in 2021

Give guests a VIP        experience

22% of consumers would feel safer on their visit if a VIP package were available

Use technology to create a competitive edge

56% of consumers believe technology to address Covid-19 safety is needed, and would make them more likely to visit an attraction during the pandemic


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