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download the kiosk whitepaper 

reveal the benefits of kiosk technology for contract caterers, quick-service restaurants and cafes.

Kiosks are reshaping the future of cafeterias, canteens and fast-food restaurants. Some of the most sophisticated customer-focused businesses in the world are already well-advanced in their adoption and the trend is unstoppable.

To understand this key technology, download the whitepaper. 

The key points this paper addresses are:

  • The growth of Kiosk deployment driven by changing consumer habits
  • Kiosks removing the hassle for customers, increasing order size and introducing new efficiencies
  • Cloud-based applications transforming Kiosks into supercharged, highly responsive engagement channels
  • Advanced functionality such as order ahead and personalising loyalty
  • Integration with other technologies like smartphones
  • And the future of Kiosk techology with the integration of biometric ID